Non stick cooking

Hate cleaning pans where your food has stuck to the bottom of the pan???

We have a tip for you to make your pan non stick.

The secret is in letting the pan warm up to the right temperature BEFORE adding any oil.

But how do you know that your pan is at the right temperature? Check out the guide below.

This tip works for stainless steel pans, no need for a non stick coated pan.

Serves: 6






Heat your pan up to the right temperature before adding oil.

To test the temperature of your pan, drop a small amount of water into the pan.

If the water evaporates off quickly, the pan is too hot.

If the water bubbles and disperses in the pan, the pan is too cold.

If the pan is just right the water will form one big bubble. Check out our video.

Wipe out the pan of water and add your cooking oil.

Cook your food!