Chicken Karaage Sushi

Making sushi at home is fun, delicious and affordable. Plus you can add in all your fave ingredients. Check out how we make sushi in 3 different ways. Yum.

Serves: 3


For the rice: 

1 cup SunRice Sushi Rice

¼ cup rice vinegar 

1 tbsp caster sugar

½ tsp Salt


For the filling: 

3 sheets nori 

½ cucumber, in matchsticks

Superb Herb garlic chives  

1 carrot, peeled and cut in matchsticks


Chicken Karaage:

½ box Diamond Hot ‘n Spicy Coat N Cook 

2 Waitoa Chicken Thigh Fillets, quartered

2 cups Olivado Avocado Cooking Oil, for deep frying


Serve with:

Pickled ginger


Lee Kum Kee Premium Soy Sauce



You will need a sushi bamboo rolling mat

We used a Le Creuset Cocotte Every to cook the sushi rice



1.    For the sushi rice: Cook rice as per packet instructions 

2.    For the chicken karaage: Coat chicken thigh pieces in Coat ‘n Cook. Make sure each piece is completely covered with the spicy crumb.

3.    Heat the oil to medium hot (170C) in a heavy set pan or wok. Using tongs add a handful of chicken pieces to the oil, deep fry until crispy and cooked through (about 5 minutes). Carefully remove and lay on a paper towel lined rack. Repeat with the rest of the pieces.

4.    To assemble: Place the seaweed on a bamboo mat, then cover the sheet of seaweed with an even layer of prepared sushi rice. 

5.    Layer chicken karaage, carrot, cucumber and garlic chives on the rice. Roll it up tightly. Repeat with remaining ingredients. 

6.    Use a sharp knife to cut into sushi rounds then serve with pickled ginger, wasabi and soy sauce. Yum!