Chicken and Mushroom Fettuccine

Try this lighter style chicken and mushroom fettuccine recipe which is full of flavour but not cream!

Serves: 4-6


200g button mushrooms

3 cloves garlic

3 tablespoons olive oil

250g boned chicken breast or chicken tenderloins

250g Diamond Fettucine

2 tablespoons fresh thyme leaves

50ml dry white wine

½ cup roughly chopped tamari flavoured almonds

Parmesan cheese


Clean the mushrooms and cut into quarters. Crush, peel and chop the garlic.

Heat the oil and sauté the mushrooms and garlic over medium heat for 5 minutes. Remove from the pan. Cut the chicken into even-sized strips. Cook in the mushroom pan until lightly golden and just cooked. The juices will run clear when the chicken is cooked. While the chicken is cooking, cook the fettucine to packet directions. Drain well. Add the mushroom mixture, thyme and wine to the chicken. Cook for 1 -2 minutes to heat through. Toss through the fettucine. Serve with chopped almonds and Parmesan cheese.